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Are you a member of the Princess Protection Program Club yet? If not, join right now by clicking here. Then, take the Princess Protection Program quiz.

The answers are:

1.  Rosie Gonzalez

2.  Louisiana

3.  French

4.  She says they are cousins

5.  A hamburger

6.  6

7.  A frozen yogurt shop

8.  Belching

9.  A necklace

10.  Lake Monroe High School

Once you take the quiz, a giftbox will be in your room with an exclusive Princess Protection Program t-shirt!



Get a free Letterman Jacket from Brightstorm!

Click here. Once you get to the page, enter the code “brightstar” to receive the jacket. You will then be redirected to your suite, where the jacket will be waiting in a giftbox:

Giftbox with Letterman Jacket from Brightstorm

Letterman Jacket from Brightstorm

Want a free car for your Stardoll Suite?

First, join the club _-free-_stuff_-.

Now, go to the discussion “FREEE CAR!!!”

Follow the instructions there. It really works! Here’s my car (made smaller to look like a decoration):

 Free Car In Suite

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